G2 Automated Technologies, LLC. carriers a line of Reticle Storage products.  These products range from the most simplistic to complex units with integrated OCR/barcode systems. 

The Presidential Reticle Stocker Series is a fully automated high-density storage system that is customer Reticle specifc- thus meaning that size is not an issue to the design and handling of the product.  The only thing that is affected by the size of the Reticle is how many this unit can safely store.  The Presidential Reticle Stocker Series is unique in the design because it meets the storage requirements; such as:


* Advanced AMC contamination and ESD protection
* Smaller system footprint with higher storage densities
* Reduced Cost of Ownership
* Support of multiple reticle types
* Superior reliability & up-time

reticle managment

In today's market you need to require the maximum degree of protection for your increasingly advanced Reticles.  You cannot risk nor afford to have loss, damage, or even contaminated Reticles.  These issues can cause major disruptions in many areas along with the most critical which is missed shipments to your customers. The Presidential Reticle Stocker Series will completely isolate reticles from the environment around them using our latest in New Air Technology.  Our systems also protect from ESD induced damage by utilizing the latest in ESD materials. 


The Presidential Reticle Stocker Series can run as a stand alone system or can be series/linked together for maximum storage capabilities.

If you do not have the budget for the complex Presidential Reticle Stocker Series, please allow us to show you some other less expensive options we have available.  Look in the section labeled RETICLE RACKS-Manual to determine if this may be right for you. 

We have purposely designed more cost effective solutions for storing your reticles.  We realize that in today's competitive market place you must keep you edge, that sometimes means driving a VW over a Mercedes.  That doesn't  mean you still don't own a great car, it just means your a smart consumer that spends his/her money wisely.

We at G2 Automated Technologies, LLC. hope to assist you in any way possible.  We can customize any of our reticle storage/handling products to best fit your budgets while full-filling your requirements.

Please contact us today to speak to one of our experienced sales staff and or engineers.


Thank you for taking the time to visit the RETICLE STORAGE/MANAGMENT section of our website.  In this section you will find a complete listing of our semi-automatic & automatic Reticle Storage products. 

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Need a budgetary quotation?  Please don't hesitate to contact G2.  We have never claimed to be the cheapest, however our tools are the most reliable & accurate tools on the market.  With a warranty like no other.

We understand that in many cases upper management are visual people.  They need to see it work first.  If we have a video of a product you are interested in seeing, please contact us so we can upload a video link for your review.  We post these videos under a private link and only keep them posted for a limited time. 

If there is a system we do not have a video of, we will offer a 30 day money back guarantee.  Basically you place a purchase order for the product you feel you need and if it does not do what we say it will do then simply send it back with in the 30 day period for a full refund. 

Please email your request to : sales@g2automatedtechnologies.com

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